Business Consultant, Software Developer, Full-Stack Web Developer, Systems Administrator, Marketing Expert, Graphic Designer, Computer Tech, Photo and Video Creator

Cascadian Tech LLC
2003 - 4/2010, 11/2013 - Present

Working as a self-employed multi-talented Business Consultant with a knack for computers, I help individuals and small companies solve issues such as:

  • Hardware and software implementation, repairs, and tutoring for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux computing devices including servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Wireless and wired network setup and repair, including using Wireshark and network taps to identify devices causing network interference.
  • Acting as over the phone and in person tech help for businesses needed answers for tech issues.
  • Creating marketing plans and implementing the plans using creating events, online advertising, and direct mailing to deliver effective advertising and create market penetration.
  • Creating technology plans and implementing the plans for businesses.
  • Administering Linux, Windows and Mac desktops and servers together in a business environment.
  • Backing up, migrating, and recovering data.
  • Producing video content. Designing logos, graphics and print materials. Taking photos of people and products.
  • My programming language experience includes:
    • Python
    • Bash
    • JavaScript / Postgres / MySQL / HTML / CSS / PHP
    • Some C++ and Pascal

Successes include:

  • Wrote a web based logistics software for the Cascadian Courier Collective using Python and Django hosted on AWS EC2, S3 and RDS platforms which allowed for the tracking of packages and food deliveries across Eugene.
  • Created an online shopping platform using Python and Django on AWS infrastructure to allow customers to purchase yoga classes and instruction from Ashtanga Yoga Eugene (
  • Increased orders at the Cascadian Courier Collective from around 8 orders per day to over 40 orders a day in less than 6 months by using flyering, postering, FaceBook advertising, and systematic hand delivery of menus to businesses. Increased their FaceBook presence from 170 followers to over 800 followers. 
  • Created a wireless network at the East Blair Housing Coop regularly servicing over 50 simultaneous regular users, spanning over 3 blocks in the Whiteaker using Ubiquiti wireless gear. 
  • Produced the “Headline Analysis Tool” - an online bot tool that scrapes the web for headlines and displays them in and interesting manner using Machine Learning and self-developed web bot technology. (
Screenshot from HAT - the Headline Analysis Tool
Officer / Member of Board of Directors

East Blair Housing Coop
8/2012 - Present

As an officer and member of the EBHC I regularly facilitate, attend meetings, and help manage this $1.8 million housing coop which owns 11 buildings, and 20 housing units, housing over 50 people. I have held officer roles including: President (2016-2018), Treasurer (2013), and Secretary (2019). As part of this organization I have received extensive training in: meeting facilitation, de-escalation, consensus decision making, non-violent communication and mediation. I’ve assisted in working on employee relations with our office manager and dealing with difficult issues between members including harassment.

On moving in to the Housing Coop I installed an entirely new wireless network that uses PTP (point to point) and mesh wireless technologies to create reliable internet access for over 50 and their devices. This network spans over two block in the Whiteaker, and has been running reliably for over 10 years.

IT Administrator

White Bird Clinic
3/2020 - 1/2021

As an IT Manager at the White Bird Clinic I fulfilled all the roles from tier 1 support to contract management. I attended regular team meetings as well as community meetings. Accomplishments at White Bird include: 

  • Establishing a Veeam backup system and setting up a detached backup system using removable hard drives.
  • Advocating for the IT Team at community meetings and helping to increase the wage of IT Administrators from $23 per hour to $28 per hour.
  • Using Python and Selenium I made software that controlled the phone system using it's web interface to accomplish tasks that were done manually previously.
  • Repaired relationships between the IT Team and the Dental staff by hiring and outside mediator to establish a mediated conversation where the IT Team established goals and was held to a schedule.
Tech Manager

Hummingbird Wholesale
4/2010 - 11/2013

As the Tech Manager in this rapidly growing company I supported computer tech needs of the company as it expanded from a small company with 3 desktop computers to a company with 30 desktop computers, servers, a server room, and many offsite remote users. In addition to managing the hardware I managed the software with notable successes:

  • Negotiating with QuickBooks to escalate and resolve a business crippling database corruption issue that lead to over a week of downtime. Getting QuickBooks to admit fault and provide a substantial discount on our Enterprise subscription due to the downtime, as well as a direct phone number to a high level support person who made sure our issue was fixed.
  • Keeping up with the pace of growth - I never had much notice about when new hires would happen so I had to be able to rapidly scale our system. I had to self-educate to stay ahead of the curve and learn what new technologies were needed as we grew.
  • Providing documentation and quick disaster recovery plans - At all times with the company I provided the documentation needed for continuing function was available along with support organizations.
  • Educating and offering support to employees to understand how to use the technology including: written and video tutorials, in person and over the phone support, ergonomic assessment.

Job responsibilities included:

  • Daily checking of server logs to make sure onsite and offsite backups are occurring and systems were running smoothly.
  • Managing and training Tech Team members so they could respond to issues.
  • Testing software updates in a virtualized environment and then applying the updates to live systems with minimal or no downtime.
  • Building and maintaining computers, servers, server racks, switches, routers, and monitoring equipment.
  • Creating and designing the network infrastructure for the company including: maintaining good security practices, programming routers and switches, finding bottlenecks, implementing secure wireless networks, and operating patch panels.
  • Maintaining records and logs.
  • Interacting with vendors to maintain the network, phone system, software, website, email systems and hardware.
  • Responding to support requests from users and providing good communication as to when issues will be fixed, and what to expect while issues were ongoing.
  • Providing both onsite and remote support for users.
  • Creating and administering a budget and planning for the future expansion of Hummingbird and to provide new functionality.
  • Maintaining an inventory of tech equipment and assets.
  • Provide training and education for staff on an ongoing basis.
  • Hiring and working with managed services's companies.

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